Culture and Thoughts

Students will systematically learn how various academic fields have dealt with elusive issues such as culture, ideology, and the mind.


  1. 01

    Investigate the Human Mind and Thoughts

    View society through approaches ranging from psychology to philosophy.

  2. 02

    Learn About and Create Works

    Active classes in understanding and creating narratives

  3. 03

    From the Past to the Future

    Broadly learn about history and culture indispensable for creative work.

Pick Up

  • Psychology


    Emphasizing the observation of human behavior, we will delve into why behavioral patterns differ among individuals and how people interact with others.

  • The Power of Editing to Change the World

    The Power of Editing to Change the World

    The world as we perceive it is shaped by our usual scope of observation and preconceptions. In today's society, the ability to see through to the essence of things is crucial.