Special Programs

ZEN University is committed to enhancing students’ future practical skills through industrygovernment- academia collaboration. During their time at the university, students will have various opportunities to engage in a wide range of activities with a focus on the future.

Supported by The Nippon Foundation

The regional and corporate collaboration programs and study abroad programs offered by ZEN University are designed to be as affordable as possible for students, thanks to the support of The Nippon Foundation. This approach reflects our desire to encourage participation from a broad spectrum of students, enabling more individuals to join.

The Nippon Foundation


ZEN University is committed to enhancing students' future practical skills through industry-government-academia collaboration.

Four men and four women are barbecuing at the beach.

Study Abroad and International Exchange

To thrive in a global society, you need not only language skills but also the ability to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds.

Five foreign students are smiling and conversing.