Over 100 joint programs in collaboration with local governments and corporations.

The Nippon Foundation

The regional and corporate collaboration programs and study abroad programs offered by ZEN University are designed to be as affordable as possible for students, thanks to the support of The Nippon Foundation. This approach reflects our desire to encourage participation from a broad spectrum of students, enabling more individuals to join.


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    Choose the program that best suits you from domestic and international, short-, medium-, and long-term programs.

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    We offer both online and in-person programs.

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    The Nippon Foundation's network and its financial support are available to students.

Program overview


  • Next-Generation Creator Development Project

    In collaboration with leading companies in the IT and VR sectors, this project challenges students to explore new creative expressions using the latest IT technologies such as the Metaverse and AI. The aim is to nurture creators who will lead the next generation.

    Cambodian children learning in a classroom
  • Educational Support Activities in Cambodia

    Engage in interactions with and support activities for children in Cambodia to gain a firsthand understanding of global affairs, issues in international society, and develop awareness of challenges.

    Cambodian children learning in a classroom


  • Hands-On Agricultural Learning in Collaboration with Industry

  • Product Development Projects with Major Retailers and Manufacturers

  • Online Study Tour to Discover Local Food and Enhance Communication Skills