Digital Industry

Students will learn about the important history of the development of each industry from a variety of perspectives, including historical background, technological development, and the perspective of creators.


  1. 01

    Diverse Cultures

    Learn about anime, games, manga, IT, and the internet in an interdisciplinary manner.

  2. 02

    History of the Digital Industry

    Learn about the history and global relationships of Japan's soft power

  3. 03

    Get the Real Scoop from Creators

    Take classes from creators leading the digital industry

Pick Up

  • Fundamentals of Game Production Theory

    Fundamentals of Game Production Theory

    Explore the essential stage of game production, including market research, planning, localization, and PR strategies, and develop the foundational skills for creation.

  • Manga Industry History

    Manga Industry History

    Explore the Japanese manga, highly regarded by fans worldwide. We will study its historical evolution, changes in the manga industry, cultural underpinnings, and the editorial considerations of creators.