Mathematical Sciences

Students systematically learn about the history of mathematics and calculus. They will then utilize our knowledge in the economic and information fields.


  1. 01

    Origins of Mathematics

    Even if mathematics is not your strength, you can enjoy the classes in the history and philosophy of mathematics.

  2. 02

    Where Is Mathematics Used?

    You will learn about the relationship between mathematics and other fields.

  3. 03

    Take On the Challenge of Specialized Learning

    Learn everything from the basics to advanced levels from top researchers.

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  • Contemporary Society and Science

    Contemporary Society and Science

    Mathematics is not limited to calculations done at a desk. The movements in the animations and games around us are made possible by mathematics. Through familiar subjects, students will learn mathematics in an enjoyable manner.

  • What Is Mathematical Thinking?

    What Is Mathematical Thinking?

    It can be said that any thought process, when boiled down, becomes mathematical thinking. Using the introductory book “Introduction to Mathematics” as a guide, we will explore the fascinating aspects of mathematics.